An airplane cannot leave the runway without a flight plan; a ship cannot sail without a plotted course—and a family cannot contemplate a successful financial journey, especially across more than one generation, without a comprehensive financial, investment and estate plan. But studies have indicated that many families spend more time planning their vacation than they do planning their financial future.  Our job—indeed, our mission in life and business—is to help people make such a comprehensive plan, and then guide them through the completion of that plan, year after year.

What we can’t describe to you—what you may not fully understand until you have experienced it—is the tremendous weight of concern that’s lifted from you when you know you have a clear destination. No one can relieve you of the responsibility for your family’s financial success, but a sound financial plan and a purpose-driven financial planner can take away much of the anxiety and worry you would experience otherwise. That is the greatest thing a financial plan can accomplish.